Florida’s new streamliners offered the finest coach service in the country. Many cars had lounge areas; all cars had reclining seats with footrests and plenty of legroom. Both men and women’s large lounge- bathrooms complete with seating for relaxation while freshening up. Some trains even offered nurse and hostess services.

   SEABOARD AIR LINE ordered (8) 60 seat coaches from the BUDD Co. in 1939 for the new Silver Meteor. Cars numbered 6200-6207. Along with this first order (3) 30 seat coach bar lounges were ordered from BUDD numbered 6300-6302. This completed the coach section for the 3 sets of the Silver Meteor. Each train consisting of a Baggage-dorm-coach, 3 coaches, diner, lounge-bar-coach, & coach lounge observation car. Pennsylvania ordered BUDD coaches for Meteor pool service. In 1940 Seaboard returned to BUDD for (7) 56 seat coaches numbered 6208-6214 to lengthen the Meteor. After WWII the Seaboard ordered (12) 52 seat coaches from Budd receiving them in 1947 for the new Silver Comet and later the Silver Star. Cars numbered 6215-6226.  BUDD cars delivered all silver. In 1955 Seaboard went to the Pullman Co. for (7) 52 seat coach lounges for the Silver Meteor along with the RF&P (2). SAL cars numbered 6235-6241, RF&P cars 861 & 862. Cars delivered with silver roofs and black trucks. All nine cars went to SCL then Amtrak.

   ATLANTIC COAST LINE / FLORIDA EAST COAST joint order for (12) (6 cars each) 60 seat coaches from the BUDD Co in 1939. The ACL cars numbered 200-205, FEC cars named; Boca Raton, (1st) Cocoa Rockledge, & Pompano for Champion service and the Hobe Sound (renamed New Smyrna Beach), Hollywood, & Melbourne for the Henry M. Flagler. Along with their first order (4) (2 cars each) 52 seat nurse/hostess room coaches numbered ACL 206-207, FEC named; Vero Beach for Champion service and the Delray Beach for the Henry M. Flagler. The Champion and Henry M. Flagler consist was seven cars, almost identical to the Silver Meteor.  In 1940 an additional (8) 56 seat coaches were ordered from BUDD by ACL to lengthen the Champion. Cars numbered 208-215.

  FEC ordered (6) 56 seat coaches from BUDD in 1946 named; Boynton, Bunnell, Dania, Eau Gullie, Ormand, & Wabasso for the Dixie Flagler. Also (2) 54 seat coaches with a conductor’s desk named; Belleglade, & Homestead.

  ACL ordered (9) 54 seat coaches from BUDD in 1946 for the Champion. Cars numbered 216-220, & 224-227.

  FEC ordered (3) 56 seat coaches from BUDD in 1946 for the Champion. Cars named; Jacksonville, Stuart, & Titusville.

  ACL ordered (3) 46 seat Hostess Room coaches from BUDD in 1946 for the West Coast Champion numbered 221-223.

  FEC ordered a 42 seat Coach Lounge from BUDD in 1948 named Port Everglades. Car destroyed in accident 1953.

  All BUDD built cars for ACL/FEC were all silver, with ACL cars having a solid purple letterboard

  ACL ordered (20) Pullman Co. built 54 seat coaches in 1950 for Champion service numbered 228-247. These cars were delivered with black roofs and trucks with a purple letterboard. In 1952 an order for a coach shell was delivered for a 54 seat car painted in Illinois Central colors for the City of Miami.  In 1954 (2) coach shells were ordered and made 54 seat coaches for the Dixieland. Cars numbered 249-250, delivered with stainless roofs, black trucks and purple letterboard. 

  FEC ordered (5) 56 seat coaches in 1950 from Pullman. Car names; Hypoluxo, Salerno, & Lantana for the Champion. These cars had silver roofs and black trucks. The Canal Point & Sabastian painted in IC colors for the City of Miami.  In 1954 an order for (4) 56 seat coaches named (2nd) Cocoa Rockledge, (2nd)Hollywood, Miami, & St Augustine for Dixieland service. Silver roofs and black trucks.

  SOUTHERN’s first streamliners were not Florida trains. It wasn’t until 1949-50 when the New Royal Palm was placed in service. In 1941 SOU ordered  (6) 52 seat coaches from the Pullman Co. for the Southerner and Tennessean. These cars had a split section in the middle with 2 vestibules for half white/ half colored patrons. Cars numbered 900-902 all named South Carolina. 903-905 named Pulaski, Louden, & Morristown.  The 900 was rebuilt as a baggage dorm in 1952 renumbered 706. Also with this first order (15) 52 seat coaches numbered 800-814 named 800-North Carolina, 801-Maryland, 802 & 803-Alabama, 804 & 805 Georgia, 806-814 named for on-line cities. These cars were delivered all silver. These two trains were seven car coach streamliners much like the Silver Meteor, except the Tennessean used a blunt end observation for additional cars added or dropped en-route.

   In1949 SOU ordered (19) 52 seat coaches from the BUDD Co. These cars were ordered for the New Royal Palm and Crescent Service also the Southerner, & Tennessean. The cars numbered 815-833.

   FEC had a joint order with the SOU in 1949 for (1) 52-seat coach named Pahokee for New Royal Palm Service. All of the SOU cars were delivered silver with black trucks. It is not known if the FEC ‘s Pahokee had black trucks, but I feel it did.

   SOUTHERN also ordered (6) BUDD 34 seat Bar-Lounge coaches for Southerner, & Tennessean Service in 1949. These cars were numbered 950-955, like the coaches they were silver with black trucks. Cars became a regular in Royal Palm service.

   SOU/CNO&TP had a joint order with the ACF Co. for (7) SOU, (4) CNO&TP 52 seat coaches in 1950 for the New Royal Palm. Cars numbered SOU 834-840, CNO&TP 3786-3789, all silver with black trucks.

   A note of interest; these trains ran as reserved coach trains even after doubling size in the second year. It wasn’t until WWII that Pullman sleepers were added. Due to the war effort the winter seasonal trains like the Orange Blossom Special, & Florida Special were not allowed to be added, instead the regular trains became even longer or ran in sections. During this time some of the older heavyweight Pullmans received what was known as shadow lining, this made the cars look as if to have the stainless sides to blend in with the streamline cars. It wasn’t until 1949 did the new streamline sleeping cars replace these older Pullman car

Our examples of a BUDD 54 seat coach is a detailed Walthers.

Our following examples are all SouthEastern ScaleModels:

FEC Coach Homestead BUDD 1946

FEC Coach Lounge Port Everglades BUDD 1948

SOU Coach 840 ACF 1950

SOU Couch Lounge 953 BUDD 1949

SAL Coach Lounge 6240 Pullman 1955

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