Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac E Units

RF&P carried Both Seaboard and Atlantic Coast Lineís Florida Trains between Washington DC and Richmond Virginia. In 1949 RF&P received their first passenger diesel units from EMD, 15 E8Aís and 5 E8Bís. It was quite common to see these units in Jacksonville, and points south pooled with other units. In 1965, 2 of the E8Bís, ex RF&P 1052 & 1053 would become ACL 765-B & 766-B, then SCL 670-B & 671-B. Both units were retired in 1972.

Our examples of the RF&P E8A are out the box Proto 2000

Pennsylvania Railroad

Pennsy Locomotives were common site on the thru PRR, L&N (NC&StL), ACL, FEC, South Wind.

Our example of the PRR E7 is a out of the box ConCor

City of Miami

Illinois Central Units ran through to Miami on the City of Miami from Chicago on the Central of Georgia, Atlantic Coast Line and Florida East Coast Railroads (also SCL).  The Seminole used CofG E8s 811 and 812 painted in IC colors.

Our example of the CofG E8 is a custom Model Power



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