The first car on the new streamliners was the multiple use Baggage, Dorm, Passenger Combine. These cars carried the passengers luggage in the front section, the middle was the lounge & dining car crew dorm, and the back section during segregation was for colored patrons with men and women’s rest rooms. As the trains grew, they carried two or three combines to accommodate the crew and passengers. When segregation laws changed, the cars were modified as baggage dorms. This made the use of only one car on a train necessary as most trains carried two dining cars, and several lounge cars.

   The Seaboards Silver Meteor started with (3) Budd built cars in 1939 with 22 coach seats. The first in 1/39 and (2) 11/39 numbered 6000-6002. In 1940 Seaboard ordered three more 18 seat cars to expand service. Cars 6003-6005 arrived from Budd with one change, a conductors room was added in the front section of the passenger area. In 1945 Budd built 4 full baggage dorm cars. The 6050-6052 were built new while the 6053 was rebuilt from wrecked 6002. The arrival of the new cars made available the inauguration of the new Silver Comet, and Silver Star. All cars delivered in all silver, and continued into  SCL. 

   The Atlantic Coast Line and Florida East Coast joint order for Champion service started with (2) ACL & (2) FEC cars from Budd in 11/1939. ACL cars #100-101 and FEC New Smyrna were for Champion service with 22 coach seats and FEC Stuart was for Henry M. Flagler Jacksonville- Miami service. In 1940 ACL ordered 3 more 22 seat cars from Budd for West Coast service, streamline West Coast Service was delayed until 1946 due to WWII. These cars double –headed in the East Coast Champion service until then. Cars numbered 102-104. In 1947 a joint ACL/FEC order for (4), (3) ACL & (1) FEC  22 seat cars from Budd were delivered for expanded Champion service. ACL 105-107 and FEC Banana River. The most interesting thing about these cars was the addition of a lounge area in the rear section of the passenger area giving colored patrons the same fine service that was found on the rest of the train.

   FEC ordered a Baggage Coach from Budd in 1947. This car had a 28 seat coach section with a lounge area and 39’ baggage area named St Johns River. It is believed this car was ordered for Jax-Mia service.

  The FEC Stuart was renamed Indian River in 1946 and the New Smyrna to Halifax River in 1947.  FEC cars Indian River sold to Seaboard in 1965 numbered 6006 along with, Halifax River to 6057, St Johns River to 6058. The Banana River destroyed in 1953 accident. ACL cars delivered all silver with purple letterboards, FEC cars all silver. All cars continued into SCL.

   SOUTHERN ordered (6) Baggage Dorm Coaches in 1941 from the Pullman Co. Cars had 22 seat coach sections for Southerner and Tennessean service. Cars numbered 700-705 named 700 Mississippi, 701 District of Columbia, 702 Delaware, 703 Cleveland, 704 Johnson City, & 705 Bedford. Cars delivered all silver. The 702 sold to Ft. Wayne Chapter of NRHS and 705 was sold to NC State RR Museum in Spencer. All remaining cars scrapped.

   SOUTHERN ordered (2) Baggage Dorm Cars from ACF in 1950 for Crescent service. Numbered 710 & 711. Cars delivered all silver with black trucks.

    While Southern Cars were purchased for other trains the Royal Palm and New Royal Palm used these cars regularly.

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6004 built 1940



Built 1939, rebuilt as baggage dorm & renumbered 6055

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