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We welcome you to be a part in owning your own re-creation of the Jacksonville area railroad scene. One of the museum projects is a model replica of local trains, structures, bridges, and locations that have been a part of our local railroad history. We have a list of areas that we plan to build for viewing and operation in the museum.  We want members to be a part in this on-going undertaking by expressing their particular interest and talents. Those who wish to claim an area may build the complete area from the bench-work up or will have help in completing whatever stage needed in order for a uniform appearance and operation. If you like to build buildings, bridges, detail work, wiring, weathering, we need your help! If you don�t want a complete bench-work area you may choose any of the other areas. You can also purchase existing areas already built and in use at the museum. Some of the trains are also available for purchase.

   We want everyone to feel a part of this project. Participation requires you to have been a member for at least one year or have a year membership paid in full in order to own bench-work areas. If a member leaves the museum he must give six weeks notice in order for a fair purchase price to be made by the museum or another member of the owners area. If the area is not for sale it will give time for a replacement to be built in order to keep from having an interruption of operations.

   Please contact Rodney regarding interests, or questions.