Post World War II Jacksonville Terminal hosted a fleet of 0-6-0 steam engines;

#6 built by Baldwin in 1917

#7-8 built by Baldwin in 1920

#9 built by Baldwin in 1914

#14 built by Alco in 1924

#15 built by Alco in 1923

#16 built by Alco in 1922 was an oil-burner

#17 built by Alco in 1920 was an oil-burner

#18-19 built by Alco in1917

#20-21 built by Porter in1929 was an oil-burner

#22-23 built by Porter in 1936 was an oil-burner


#22 sported the Blue & Orange University of Florida Colors representing Floridaís largest university

In 1954 JTC still rostered seven steamers

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JTC Diesel fleet;

#30-32 NW2 built by EMD 1947

#33-#36 NW2 built by EMD 1949

#37-39 SW900 built by EMD 1954

All diesels originally wore a Dark Blue with orange stripes (first units had wide middle orange stripe with an alligator in the middle). Later units lost middle wide stripe. In the 60ís all units were painted orange with blue stripes, not to be confused with the strike-bound FEC.

Disposition of; Units  #30& 32 to Dominion Steel #15 & 17 unit  #31 to Interlake Steel #10.

Units 33&35 sold to SCL unit 36 sold to Clinchfield unit 34 to Dominion Steel 11/70.

Units 37-39 sold to SCL


Here are examples of Jacksonville Terminal Power customized in HO;

#6 using a Proto 2000 0-6-0

#32 using a Kato NW2

#38 using a Proto 2000 SW900 in the 60ís, 70ís later orange

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