Buildings and Structures

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Jacksonville Terminal

Front side and parking lot.

Aerial view from Lee Street.

Built in 1919 it's massive columns were an impressive site.

South easterly view from Lee St. viaduct.

North easterly view from Bay St.

Bay St. view looking towards passenger concourse.

Aerial view from McCoy's Creek side.

Left side thru tracks to the south. Right side concourse and stub tracks.

Remainder of original Flagler terminal now terminal office building, baggage handling and steam plant.

Railway Express building was actually U.S. Post office. View from Bay St. Side.

Northerly Bay St. View of facility and mail loading dock.

Overview of tracks from Bay St. with mail storage tracks in foreground.

Overview of thru tracks from the north end of terminal.

Overview of stub tracks from the north.

Trackside view from thru track looking north.

Trackside view from platform looking from south east end of terminal.

Aerial view of platforms and JCT 0-6-0 switcher in background.

Stub tracks at concourse with remainder of old Flagler terminal in background (now offices).

Platform subway with concourse in background.

View from McCoy's Creek at last platform.

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